Anne Hathaway and Seth Meyers Parody the Last Scene of Romantic Comedies

Anne Hathaway Seth Meyers — H 2015

He just needs to ask her one more question.

Anne Hathaway and Seth Meyers made fun of the last scene of romantic comedies on Late Night

They took all of the ingredients that make up the iconic last scene — friendly encouragement, mistaken identity, a chase, flowers and rain — and recreated it to fit a late-night show. Meyers had one more question he wanted to ask Hathaway and his crew cheered him on, convincing him to go after her to get what he wanted.

Along the way Meyers learned he was only 20 seconds behind his guest, punched an "obstacle" in his way and pondered the rain and fog that occurred inside the building. Hathaway was excited and hopeful as she saw him, smiling in anticipation as he asked her that final question, before hesitating and asking another. Watch the parody below.