Anne Hathaway Tells Oprah Winfrey the 'Real Story' About Being Asked to Host Oscars (Video)

The co-host, who appeared on Winfrey's post-Oscar special, says she was completely caught off-guard when she got the call.

Oscar co-host Anne Hathaway revealed on Oprah Winfrey's post-Oscar special the "real story" about being asked to host this year's Oscars.

"You want the real story? I've never told the real story yet," Hathaway told Winfrey on From the Kodak Theatre: Oprah's Ultimate After-Oscar Party.

"I was waiting to hear back to hear if I'd been cast as Catwoman [in The Dark Knight Rises], and my manager called me and said, 'Are you sitting down?' and I just go, oh my god, here it comes. [Hathaway takes a deep breath.] She's like, 'You're about to hear something you'll never hear again in your whole life. I'm like, 'OK.' And she goes, 'You've been asked to host the Oscars.' I'm like, 'I'm Catwoman! What?! Oh, oh, OK. What?' "

Hathaway said it wasn't a job that she ever even considered being offered.

"It's not something I ever expected," she said. "Of course I was struck by the honor but I just thought, 'That doesn't make any -- I could never host the Oscars.'"

But Winfrey was a fan of Hathaway's hosting performance: "You were fantastic," she told her.

Meanwhile, Hathaway did get good news about the Dark Knight Rises role: She's set to play Catwoman opposite Christian Bale's Batman in the Warner Bros. movie, which is slated for release July 20, 2012.

Watch Winfrey's interview with Hathaway below.