Anne Sweeney: Industry Reacts to ABC/Disney Chief's Shocking News

Anne Sweeney

"Wait: Disney's Anne Sweeney wants to become a TV director? Is this another @jimmykimmel prank?," writes Vulture editor Joe Adalian.

The surprise reveal that Hollywood's most powerful woman is stepping down prompted a flood of reactions.

In an exclusive cover interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Anne Sweeney and Disney CEO Bob Iger speak at length about the decision as well as the next steps for Sweeney and Disney. Among their admissions: Sweeney intends to pursue a career as a TV director, and Iger would like to hire her replacement while pilot season is still in "full swing."

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Many in the industry, including television reporters covering Disney and its machinations, took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to react to the news, with thoughts on succession plans (former ABC reality chief Andrea Wong? CFO Peter Seymour?), Iger's stated support for ABC chief Paul Lee and the surprise decision for the long-time executive to take a creative turn.

Here are some of the most telling -- and in some cases, the most entertaining -- reactions.