Annette Bening: "I Have Fear All the Time With the Work That I Do" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

"The best time is when you just get the job, because you don't have to do it yet, you can just think about it."

"We talked endlessly about her, and we're still talking about her," Annette Bening told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actress Oscar Roundtable about playing a fictionalized version of writer and director Mike Mills's mother in 20th Century Women.

"His preoccupation with it and the way that he was trying to investigate his relationship with his mother became fascinating to me," said the four-time Oscar nominee said of her character, Dorothea Fields. "And also, of course, it was his mom but then it was also this other woman that was in this fictional story. And then it was me. So it's me interpreting Mike's interpretation of his mother."

"I think all of us, there's a certain gulf between us and our parents. No matter how much we love them, that there's a part of them that's kind unknowable to us. And then the reverse is also true, I mean I have four kids," Bening told the roundtable.

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