Anonymous 'Britain's Got Talent' Fix Accuser Cautioned by U.K. Police

Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

The man, who claims to have a bipolar disorder will not face further action.


LONDON - The blogger behind anonymous allegations that Britain's Got Talent was fixed has been cautioned by police for "malicious communication" but will not face further action, Sony Music said Monday.

The man, who is believed to have bi-polar disorder, published a long memo last month, claiming to be a Sony Music executive, alleging that the entire show was fixed.

The memo said Sony Music and Simon Cowell had already had a long relationship with 12-year-old audience favorite Ronan Parke and that they had "groomed" him to win the contest over the past four years, focusing on his youthful and effeminate features.

The memo also claimed that Cowell planned to market Parke's appeal and position the singer as Britain's answer to Justin Bieber.

The damaging timing of the memo's publication - weeks before the final in which Parke was the audience favorite - could have blown Parke's chance of winning. He eventually became the runner up to Scottish singer Jai McDowell.

The blogger, who has not been named, then published a long mea culpa blog saying that all the allegations had been fabricated and that he had written them when under the influence of a bipolar disorder.

"A man has now admitted responsibility for the wholly untrue blogs relating to Ronan Parke and the false allegations against Britain's Got Talent, Sony Music and Syco. He has admitted he has absolutely no connection with Ronan Parke, Sony Music, Syco, or Britain's Got Talent and has apologized both via the police and directly to those involved and the matter will not be taken further," said Sony Music.