'Anonymous' Hacker Group Attacks BMI Website

The publishing house assured copyright holders that its systems have not been compromised.

In a defensive move against the Anonymous hacker group, BMI has temporarily taken down its website, the organization said in a statement today. The statement said that the denial-of-service attack has slowed down external access to BMI.com, but, it adds, "There has not been a breach of security into our systems in any form and access has not been obtained to any secure content. We believe that this attack is part of their misguided campaign to attack creative rights. The group has launched attacks on other agencies around the world representing creators in the past."

The company asserted that "Other than the website, operations are not impacted by the company's protective move. BMI plans to resume full service of all online services for its songwriters, music publishers and licensees shortly."
According to the TG Daily website, a press release disseminated by the group claims that their attack against BMI has been successful.
"We have seen BMI consistently legislate copyright and consequently have decided to take action to show the people will not stand for its crimes against the public," the statement says. "This is a message to you and other corporations like you: We will not stand this abuse anymore. No company shall take advantage of our government to churn out profits and censor information in any form. This is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly by Anonymous. We are not pirates, we are not hackers in our mother's basement. We are Anonymous. We do not forgive, we do not forget, you should have expected us."
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