Another 'Jackass' Movie Could Be Coming Soon

David Strick

"We shot two movies' worth of footage," star Johnny Knoxville says.

Want more Jackass? Don't worry, you most likely won't have to wait long.

After Jackass 3D exceeded expectations by raking in $50 million in its first weekend out, Paramount is considering what to do with its unused footage that didn't make it onscreen, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"We shot two movies' worth of footage," star Johnny Knoxville says. "We have so many bits that we never even turned in to Paramount because we were so swamped with ideas -- funny stuff. The bits were just coming out of us left and right."

According to the Times, the studio was already planning to use the footage online in the vein of Jackass 2.5, which was available on the Internet only three months after the theatrical release of Jackass Number Two in 2006.

But with the strong opening of the Jackass 3D, Paramount releasing a fourth film in the franchise has now become a strong possibility.

Director Jeff Tremaine said the cast and crew have worked on every Jackass movie as if it is their last and didn't have plans to shoot another, though he noted that age wouldn't be the sole reason for them to stop filming in the future.

"It doesn't take a whole lot of skill to do what these guys do. As long as they're brave enough to do it, they can go on as long as they want," Tremaine explains.

Jackass 3D is on track to make more than $100 million.