Ansel Elgort Responds to Accusation of Sexual Assault

Andrew Toth/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter
Ansel Elgort

In a message on Instagram, the 'West Side Story' actor addressed the complaint against him and wrote that the description of events "is simply not what happened."

Ansel Elgort responded on Saturday to a sexual assault allegation that surfaced on social media earlier this week from a woman who identified herself only as Gabby.

In a message that has since been deleted, along with the Twitter account itself, Gabby claimed that Elgort sexually assaulted her in 2014 when she was 17. She claimed that the incident occurred after she direct messaged the actor, who was 20 at the time, and then texted him privately on Snapchat. Included in her post was a photo of herself, with her face obscured, beside Elgort.

“I was distressed to see the social media posts about me in the last 24 hours,” wrote Elgort on Instagram. “I cannot claim to understand Gabby’s feelings but her description of events is simply not what happened. I have never and would never assault anyone.”

He went on to say, “What is true is that in New York in 2014, when I was 20, Gabby and I had a brief, legal and entirely consensual relationship. Unfortunately, I did not handle the breakup well. I stopped responding to her, which is an immature and cruel thing to do to someone. I know this belated apology does not absolve me of my unacceptable behavior when I disappeared.”

Elgort, who will next be seen in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story and the HBO Max series Tokyo Vice, said he is "disgusted and deeply ashamed" of the way he acted, writing "I am truly sorry."

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Elgort's representative for further comment.

View Elgort's complete message below.


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