Anthony Anderson Talks Mom's Reaction to 'Black-ish' Emmy Losses: " 'Veep' Ain't Even Funny"

Anthony Anderson on Colbert — H 2016

The 'Black-ish' star said he really thought he was going to win and that his mother and Amy Schumer, who also lost on Sunday night, commiserated in the audience.

Anthony Anderson couldn't contain his excitement when Black-ish scored three Emmy nominations this year, and heading into Sunday's big show, the actor really thought an Emmy win was in the cards. Instead, Black-ish came up empty-handed, partly due to Veep beating it out in the comedy series and outstanding comedy actress categories.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert about the experience on Thursday's Late Show, Anderson was still upset, but perhaps not as angry about the Emmy results as was his mother, whom he brought with him to the ceremony.

"Everybody can't be a winner like you, Stephen," said Anderson about losing the outstanding lead actor in a comedy series Emmy to Transparent's Jeffrey Tambor.

"I wasn't even nominated, my brother," replied Colbert.

"I believed the hype. I really thought I was going to win this year, Stephen," said Anderson. When Colbert said that everyone thinks they are going to win, Anderson insisted that, no, his experience this year was different. "I got in a tuxedo to give a speech that night," he said.

The actor said his mother was so upset, she cursed on camera while he was being interviewed at the HBO afterparty. The reporter interviewing him expressed surprise that he didn't win, and his mom jumped in and agreed.

According to Anderson, she said, "Me and Amy Schumer were sitting there talking about why she didn't win and why my baby didn't win." She continued, saying, "That [bleeped out] Veep ain't even funny."

Anderson said he told his mother she couldn't say that, telling her, "We're about to go in there and drink their free alcohol on Veep."