Anthony Anderson Lost $300 to President Barack Obama in a Round of Golf

Courtesy of NBC
Anthony Anderson on 'The Tonight Show'

The 'Black-ish' star told Jimmy Fallon that he chartered a plane from Mexico to get to the course in time.

Anthony Anderson spoke to Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show about his recent round of golf with President Barack Obama.

While on a family vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Anderson received a phone call from friend Chris Paul inviting him to play golf with him, Obama and Michael Phelps the following day. Anderson told his friend he wouldn’t be able to make it, since he was away with his family.

After the phone call, though, Anderson’s wife and kids encouraged him to accept the invitation and do whatever he could to make it to that game of golf. The Black-ish star had to charter a plane to get back to the U.S. in time to play.

“Long story short, it was the most expensive round of golf I’ve ever had to play in my life,” Anderson admitted.

But it seems the trip was worth it for the experience, even if the former president made Anderson pay.

“It was cool,” Anderson told Fallon, “President Obama talked trash all day … and took all of our money.”

“He took $700 from Phelps, he took $600 from Chris Paul, and he took $300 from me,” the actor explained.

“The president?!” Fallon responded, in shock.

Anderson said he even asked Obama, “Can you take money from civilians?” The former president responded: “I’m a civilian now. So yes, I can take it.”

Anderson did commend Obama's golf skills, saying his shots were as straight as an arrow and that he only played with one ball the entire time.

Anderson and Fallon went on to talk about the actor's show and his Emmy nomination.

Watch the full video below.

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