Anthony Anderson Talks Busy Year, Reveals 'Black-ish' Season 4 Storylines

Banff in Brief - Anthony Anderson - Publicity - Embed 2017
Courtesy of Bob D'Amico/ABC

Anthony Anderson

The show will tackle postpartum depression after Tracee Ellis Ross delivers the couple's fifth child.

There's no such thing as a summer vacation for Anthony Anderson. 

The actor kicked the season off with a trek to Canada so he could host the Rockie Awards at the Banff Media Festival. There he also accepted the Impact Award presented in partnership with The Hollywood Reporter.

Next up, he was back to shooting his game show To Tell the Truth, where he was on set when he found out he scored his third Emmy nomination.  

Now, he's back in production on season four of ABC's sitcom Black-ish, adding more to his packed summer. In fact, locking down a time for him to speak with The Hollywood Reporter was a production in itself. 

"We're working on our second episode now," Anderson tells THR after wrapping a day of production. In between shooting and gearing up for a carnival themed event on the set of Black-ish, the actor takes time to open up further about his busy year, latest Emmy nom and what fans can expect when the new season returns in the fall. 

Tracee Ellis Ross said she wants her character Bow to get some friends in season four. What do you want for Dre?

(Laughs.) That's interesting Tracee said that, because Dre doesn't have any friends either! Shit. I'm interested in seeing Dre's growth as a father. The fifth time around, I want to see how he's matured as a father.

You're currently in production. What can you tease about what stories you plan on tackling?

We're working on our second episode now. We're dealing with something that affects a lot of mothers out there. We're dealing with postpartum depression and how it's affecting Bow. 

You often joke with Kenya about wanting to be in the writers room. As executive producer, how much do you know about your character and do you like being kept in the dark?

I don't need to know specifics, but we are partners in this and he comes to me. We joke about me not being in the room. I don't have time to be in the room! And I don't think they want me in the room. It would probably hinder the process.

The show has been recognized since its inception. What do you think it was about season three that stuck with audiences and Academy voters?

It all boils down to what we've been doing since the beginning and that's the authenticity of the show and the specificity in which we deal with certain subject matter and issues. In dealing with them in the specificity in which we do it broadens the appeal of it and our show universally. As long as we continue to do that, I believe we're always going to resonate with an audience. 

What's the biggest misconception about Dre?

I don't know! What have you heard about Dre that I need to know about?! (Laughs.) What are they saying? A big misconception is that Dre is a loud mouth that doesn't really know much. What makes Dre smart is that he knows what he doesn't know and is willing to seek and find out that knowledge when he needs to. He's a gentle giant and he means well, it's just that he's unapologetic in the way he goes about doing things.

If you could switch roles with another Emmy nominee, who would it be?

Jeffrey Tambor, just because he's won the Emmy every year that I've been nominated. I want to know what that feels like.

If Dre were female, he would be different in that ...

He would never have a mate. If a female had Dre's attitude and mouth, she would be alone and rightfully so. Dre's lucky to have found someone like Bow.

What's the strangest fan interaction you've had over the years?

Having the conversation with someone who approached me because they thought I was me and then got into an argument with me saying that I was not Anthony Anderson. 

Do you get that a lot?

Yeah I do. I normally say, "Yeah I look like that guy. I wish I had his money."

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