Anthony Bourdain's CNN Travel Show Announces Launch Date

Anthony Bourdain - H 2012
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Anthony Bourdain - H 2012

"Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown," the former chef and Travel Channel star's new program, will begin on April 14.

Anthony Bourdain is living up to the promise of his new show's name.

The chef-turned-TV host, who left his hit Travel Channel show No Reservations for CNN last year, will travel to Myanmar for the first episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, which will air on Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET.

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CNN promises the discovery of "the fabled beauty and local cuisines" of the little-known country, which has been under military dictatorship for five decades and has only recently had trade sanctions eased. Bourdain, who in No Reservations traveled all over the world in a rugged tour of sightseeing and regional taste-testing, will also explore Libya, Colombia, the Quebecois side of Canada, Koreatown in Los Angeles, Tangier, Peru and the Congo in future episodes of his CNN show.

The host was brought in well before CNN hired Jeff Zucker to run the network, as part of an effort to broaden its lifestyle and reality programming.

Of the advantages of working with CNN, Bourdain told The Hollywood Reporter in August that it was all about access.

"There are some shows that we just haven't been able to do, like going up the Congo River ... going to post-conflict Libya. These are shows that would have been very, very difficult to do with Travel, in spite of best intentions," he said. "CNN has infrastructure and a whole world of contacts and experience in all these places. So, right away, that makes CNN a very attractive organization to work with, because they can help us shoot in these places in ways that few other organizations could, certainly no travel or food network could."