Anthony Bourdain Goes After Paula Deen (Again)

Paula Deen, Anthony Bourdain
Getty Images

The Travel Channel host, who famously targeted the butter-enthusiast last year, seemingly issued another attack via Twitter after Deen announced her type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

No, Anthony Bourdain would not like another helping of butter. 

Not long after news broke that Food Network chef, and Southern-cooking proponent (whose main ingredients almost always call for two sticks of butter, ample helpings of sugar and Velveeta) Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes, and will now be a spokesperson for medication that treats the disease, Bourdain took to his Twitter, seemingly offering his opinion. 

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"Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later," the Travel Channel's No Reservations host wrote

Bourdain was likely commenting on the reports that Deen, who said she was diagnosed three years ago Tuesday, continued to hawk her unhealthy recipes while negotiating her endorsement deal. 

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He then later responded to a TMZ article about the tweet, saying, "For the record: Never called anybody a "diabetic scam artist". TMZ's words. Not mine"

Last summer, Bourdain made no bones about his beef with Deen, calling her the "most dangerous person to America," saying she was "proud of the fact that her food is f--king bad for you."

Deen, who has yet to respond to Bourdain's most recent comments, did hit back at the time, saying he should "get a life."