Anthony Mackie Explains Donald Trump Comments on 'The View'

AP Images/Invision
Anthony Mackie

The actor, who plays a campaign staffer in 'Our Brand Is Crisis,' said he sarcastically answered a question in character, and "it went south really fast."

Anthony Mackie recently generated a bit of controversy when he seemed to endorse Donald Trump during an interview for his latest film, Our Brand Is Crisis.

Mackie tweeted his remarks were "a bad attempt at a joke," and on Wednesday's View he further explained what happened.

"I'm a very sarcastic, witty person, and I don't think it translates," he said. "I was being funny and it was at the end of a press junket and someone asked me a question about my character: 'Being a political analyst [in the movie], who would you work with, Clinton or Trump?' and I said, 'Trump, he's an easy sell. … He's the voice of the working man.'"

He went on: "And they say, 'Oh, wow, so you endorse Trump?' '100 percent.'"

If it wasn't clear from the exaggerated deep voice he used to say, "100 percent," Mackie then clarified that he was answering in character: "It was the dude in the movie."

Mackie said his joke didn't work out the way he planned.

"It went south really fast, and I did not even get an invitation to Trump National," he said.

Still, he did have some complimentary things to say about Trump.

"I did not endorse him even though I do think he's done a great job of branding himself," Mackie added. "He's rebranded himself. He and Clinton, I think the reason they're leading is because they rebranded themselves."

But in terms of endorsements, Mackie was only offering his support for one thing: Our Brand Is Crisis.

"Yes, 100 percent. Our Brand Is Crisis is a very good movie. If you have some time, you should go check it out," he said.