Anthony Scaramucci Takes High Road After Sean Spicer's Criticism

Anthony Scaramucci - Late Show with Stephen Colbert Taping Sighting - Getty - H 2017
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Scaramucci impersonator Mario Cantone also joined the former White House communications director in a surprise visit on 'The View.'

Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, and Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director, are not fond of each other. But, in a co-hosting appearance on The View on Friday morning, The Mooch declined to hit back at critical comments Spicer made about him in a Good Morning America interview that aired the day before. 

"I just don't think he had the skill set and the qualifications and the background to play a leading role in crafting the communications message and team," Spicer said of Scaramucci. Spicer said he's not surprised Scaramucci only lasted 10 days in the job, "not after some of the things that occurred."

Asked about Spicer's comments, Scaramucci said that it's an example of "Republican on Republican crime." And, he said he wouldn't engage in it.

"What I could do right now is I could hit back at him, but I'm not going to hit back at him," Scaramucci said. "We got to get it together, as a nation, we got to get it together. ... We got to cut the nonsense now and get it together. So he’s entitled to his opinion. You guys know I have my opinion."

Scaramucci said that reports he called Spicer "Melissa McCarthy," a reference to the actress who portrayed Spicer on SNL, were inaccurate. "I was calling him 'Lying Spice' from the Spice Girls," he said. "I wasn't calling him Melissa McCarthy." But, he said that other people in the administration referred to Spicer by the actress' name.

The View co-host Joy Behar mentioned the controversy surrounding Spicer's appearance on the Emmy Awards last weekend, and said that her show might be guilty of the same thing the broadcast was criticized for. "We might be normalizing you right now," she said to Scaramucci. 

Scaramucci continued his criticism of Steve Bannon, his former White House colleague. After complimenting Bannon's speech-writing skills, Scaramucci said that "his worst quality to me was that he had a little bit of a messianic complex."

After one of The View co-hosts connected Bannon to white nationalism, Scaramucci said: "Is he a white nationalist? I would say that he has those tendencies. If you read Breitbart, there's a lot of that while nationalist economic fervor." 

Scaramucci said that leaks emanating from the building are down in recent weeks. He attributed some of that to chief of staff General John Kelly, and some of that to recently tapped communications director Hope Hicks, who he said is doing a phenomenal job.

In what was billed as a surprise guest, The View brought on Scaramucci impersonator Mario Cantone for a side-by-side appearance. The two got along fabulously, and Cantone gave a nod to Scaramucci's mother, who was in attendance.