Anthony Weiner: Hollywood's 10 Best Twitter Jokes

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The social networking site exploded with jokes after the congressman admitted to tweeting lewd photos of himself.

Zing! After Congressman Anthony Weiner's press conference Monday, where he admitted to taking lewd photos and sending them to at least six women over the past three years, Hollywood took to twitter to make fun of the New York Democrat. 

Here are the 10 best Weinergate tweets of the day. 

1. "STEVE MARTIN IS REALLY OILED AND BUFF. OMG, my Twitter account was just hacked." - Steve Martin

2. "Weiner-gate is teaching me a few things..if a pic posted of my weener on web looks big: i posted it, if its small, my account was hacked." -David Spade

3. "Just my luck! On the same day I find out it's bad to tweet dirty pictures, FedEx shows up w/ all that penis make-up I ordered!" - Andy Richter

4. "Tattoo it on your chest, MEMENTO-style, Weiner: 'The Internet is forever."" -Patton Oswalt

5. "Anthony Weiner skipped the Israel Day Parade. It's ok--he's already supported Israel by showing everyone that he's Jewish. #weinergate" -Joy Behar

6. "To all my followers: I"m sorry I lied, that was not a photo of me in my tighty-whities." -Chad Lowe

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7. "Your turn, Blake Lively. It's okay. You won't have to resign from The Green Lantern." -Watch What Happens Live! writer Caissie St. Onge

8. "BREAKING: Rep. Anthony Weiner admits the Twitter pics are his. He also said, 'When I took the pics it was really really cold." -Late Show with David Letterman head writer/executive producer Justin Stangel

9. "A historic day for trivial Twitter fame. Charlie Sheen has called Anthony Weiner to offer his concession." -Arianna Huffington

10. "Can I just say that based on current events the stories for Scandal practically write themselves right now?" - Shonda Rhimes