Anthony Weiner Scandal: CNN's Eliot Spitzer’s 3 Oddest Media Reactions

Here are some of the weirdest reactions to the biggest stories from the ex-New York governor, who resigned after finding himself at the center of a prostitution scandal in 2008 on “In the Arena.”

The big story on Monday was New York representative Anthony Weiner’s tearful press conference, admitting to the media that the lewd photos in question were indeed sent by him.

But CNN’s Eliot Spitzer, who found himself in a similar headspace when the prostitution scandal surfaced in early 2008, has been known to have a unique perspective — and sometimes non-reactions -- to big news of the day.

Here are three of them:

1. Anthony Weiner: While every cable news show covered Weiner-gate with every angle possible on Monday, Spitzer personalized his commentary with his experiences dealing with the media during his scandal a few years back. “Look, the decision to resign is a deeply personal one,” Spitzer said on his show after one of the experts questioned Weiner’s ability to stay in office after not resigning from his post. “Let me be very up front about this as most folks probably know.”

“I made the other decision. I made the decision to resign,” Spitzer said.

Later on, one of the guests on Spitzer’s show made a pointed statement to Spitzer, saying, “I remember the embarrassing day when you resigned as governor, Eliot, but the difference is you hadn’t given 27 television interviews the week before saying that you didn’t do something that you had as Weiner has done here.”

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger: When Schwarzenegger dropped the bomb that he had fathered a child with a woman who had been working for him, the media wasn’t shy about reacting to and dissecting every facet of his life. One person who didn’t, however, was Spitzer, whose scandal was mildly similar in manner and scope.

On his primetime CNN show, Spitzer made absolutely no mention to the story of Schwarzenegger’s love child — easily the day’s biggest story -- instead choosing to focus his efforts on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was in jail at New York’s Rikers Island and charged with sexually assaulting a maid in a Manhattan hotel.

3. Donald Trump: After Spitzer mocked Trump in April — who at that time was deemed a potential presidential candidate — the mogul phoned in to challenge the ex-governor on national television after Spitzer aired a piece questioning Trump’s lies regarding his net worth. Trump was ready for a battle with the In the Arena host (the two have history, at least in regards to New York real estate).

“One or two people called me up and said it was a very unfair piece,” Trump told Spitzer of his original investigative piece. “I was a fan of yours,” Trump confessed, before saying, “and I was a little bit surprised to see you do a negative piece.” Spitzer then responded, saying he was still a “fan” of Trump’s and that he loved “the bravado.” Then, he went on to “concede,” saying his previous piece was all speculation.

After Trump explained his position, Spitzer was still clearly unconvinced and as he continued to try and have Trump confess that he was perhaps worth less than what he had said, Trump didn’t fold over. Instead, the Apprentice host took it upon himself to slam Spitzer, saying,

“You’re wasting a lot of time on your show."

Are there any other Spitzer reactions to media stories that made you think twice?