Anthony Weiner Gets Into Heated Exchange With Sean Hannity; Says He Isn't 'Auditioning' for MSNBC Job (Video)

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Anthony Weiner, left, and Sean Hannity

"Fox apparently has much lower standards. I'd much rather have a job on Fox," the former congressman tells the Fox News host. "You want me to talk about low standards?" Hannity responds. "You really want me to go there?"

Fresh off a failed bid for mayor of New York, disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner sparred with Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel and denied he was "auditioning" for a role on MSNBC.

Weiner appeared on Hannity on Wednesday night allegedly to discuss Obamacare and the government shutdown. But the two got off to a rocky start after Weiner accused Hannity of "begging" him to come on, then he refused to answer questions about the sexting scandal that caused him to resign from Congress two years ago.

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"What the hell are you thinking?" Hannity asked Weiner, referring to his habit of tweeting inappropriate photos to strange women.

"I'm kind of done talking about it," Weiner answered.

"I thought maybe the reason you are here is because, maybe, you wanted to transition to television, and maybe you're coming on this show in the hopes of, like, replacing Chris Matthews," Hannity told his guest.

"Nope," Weiner said.

He also told Hannity he doesn't "hate" him and that, while a congressman, he was part of a small group of Democrats "who didn't think it was heresy to come on Fox."

Eventually the conversation turned to the prospect of raising the debt ceiling, and Hannity said he wasn't sure whether he "believes" in such a strategy.

"Well, Hannity's bosses believe it. People who care about the stock price of this company believe it," Weiner commented.

"I don't know what my bosses believe. I haven't asked them about it. But I will tell you this: I speak for myself on this program," Hannity fired back.

Throughout the interview, Weiner asked Hannity questions, and when the host reminded him who the interviewer and the interviewee were, Weiner said: "I get to do questions. What am I, a potted plant?"

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Hannity ended the interview on the theme he began with.

"You're auditioning for MSNBC. You're auditioning. You want Chris Matthews' job. I can tell. You want to ask questions … you never shut up, like Chris Matthews, either," said Hannity.

"Why do you always have patsies on?" Weiner interrupted.

"You want a job at MSNBC. I got it. Now I know why you came here today," said Hannity.

"Fox apparently has much lower standards. I'd much rather have a job on Fox," Weiner responded.

"Ouch. You want me to talk about low standards?" asked Hannity. "You really want me to go there?"

The video is below.