During Anthony Weiner Sketch, Jon Stewart Accidentally Cuts Wrist

Courtesy of Comedy Central

The "Daily Show" host bled and had to be bandaged after the taping of the skit, which involved a blender, a margarita glass and a lectern.

After being criticized for going too easy on his friend Anthony Weiner on Monday's Daily Show, host Jon Stewart on Tuesday came up with an elaborate skit about the congressman's scandal that didn't end so well.

Stewart was taping the segment about Weiner -- who on Monday admitted he had lied about sending sexually suggestive photos to several women via the Internet -- when his wrist was accidentally cut by stray pieces of glass, the New York Times reported.

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Stewart and his writers apparently came up with an idea that involved a blender, a margarita glass and a lectern.

But during the sketch, the blender malfunctioned and wouldn't turn off. After Stewart knocked his glass on it, the glass then crashed into the lectern and shattered, with some of the shards cutting his wrist and blood trickling down his arm. A producer then threw him a towel.

After the segment was done taping, Stewart left the stage for about 10 minutes and returned with his wrist bandages. He was able to tape the rest of the show.

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The show's staff used the incident to promote Wednesday night's show, tweeting: “Why is Jon Stewart bleeding? Tune in tonight to find out.”

Stewart has defended his old pal Weiner during the scandal and on Monday night even admitted he wasn't sure how to react, saying, "I don't know what to do anymore! It's killing me."

Several critics -- including those at Mediaite and Entertainment Weekly -- noted that Stewart seemed to go easy on Weiner.

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In fact, Stewart previously defended Weiner on his show, weighing the pros and cons of covering a story involving a friend was accused of sending photos of his crotch, among other shots, and happened to have the last name "Weiner." 

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