Anthony Weiner Still on Twitter; Followers Post Support

Anthony Weiner - Announces His Resignation - 2011
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin writes that the reaction to the congressman's scandal is "unsettling," but writer-producer Elliot Blake applauds Weiner's decision to resign.

Disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner announced his resignation Thursday, several days after admitting he had lied about sending several women suggestive photos over the Internet.
The congressman is following 196 Twitter users and has 82,406 people following him, and many of them weighed in about the news.

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Among those Weiner follows is Alec Baldwin, who wrote: "Weiner's actions: unconscionable. But reaction is unsettling. Too much of Blog-America are hate filled McCarthyites."
Some expressed sympathy toward Weiner after he was mocked during his press conference by Howard Stern show writer Benjy Bronk, who yelled "pervert" and asked inappropriate questions including, "Were you fully erect?"
Added Politico's Ben Smith: "Radio shouter successfully upstaged Weiner, which probably built more sympathy for him in room than anything he could have said."

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Political consultant/writer Nick Rizzo added: "The heckler was, once again, Stern staffer Benjy @Bronk. If he ever pulls this again, I will heckle him as he's trying to pay for sex."
Weiner supporter Emily Zahn chimed in: "Because this wasn't tragic enough, @RepWeiner had to shout over hecklers. All of this is just very very sad."
Another supporter, Michelle Smith, was upset Weiner resigned.
"@RepWeiner Sorry to see you go. You were a voice for people like me. Good luck," she tweeted.

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Political commentator/critic Alex Morin also showed his support, writing: "@RepWeiner Continue the fight for the poor and disadvantaged in whatever venue you end up in." He also pointed a finger at America: Another good politician killed by the media and America's inability to be mature about sexuality #truth."
Weiner follower TinyTruthsLittleLies opined that liberals made Weiner "resign over nothing."
Robert Freedland took the opportunity to make a not-so-veiled attack on President George W. Bush: "In America you can lie and start a war that costs billions and thousands if lives, but if you Tweet yourself in underwear you are done."
Meanwhile, there were some people applauding Weiner's decision to resign, including animation producer-writer Elliot Blake (Space Ghost Coast to Coast).
"Dems did the right thing in telling Weiner it was time to go," he tweeted.
For his part, Weiner hasn't tweeted since June 1, before the scandal broke.