Anti-Donald Trump Messages Written in Sky Above Rose Parade

Skywriting anti-Donald Trump messages above the Rose Parade - H 2015
Courtesy of Twitter: @AshleyAlvarado

"Who's ready to see some skywriting? We are about to steal the show!"

Multiple planes took to the sky during the 127th Tournament of Roses Parade to write anti-Donald Trump messages Friday morning. 

Photos and video of the messages were shared over social media. 

The words "America is great! Trump is disgusting" and "Anybody but Trump" were created over the parade route.

The aerial advertising company Air Sign took credit for creating the anti-Trump messages. 

The messages were likely done during the parade because the Iowa Hawkeyes are playing Stanford. The Democratic and Republican Iowa Caucuses will take place Feb. 1.

Here are more looks at the messages:

A request for comment was not immediately returned by the Trump camp.