Anti-'Friends' Graffiti Appears Near David Schwimmer's NY Mansion (Photo)

EV Grieve
An anti-"Friends" message is spray painted on a construction site.

Two years after the actor tore down an antebellum East Village home to build his new pad, someone spray painted "ROSS IS NOT COOL" by his nearly completed residence.

Some New Yorkers aren't feeling particularly friendly toward David Schwimmer.

Anti-Friends graffiti has popped up on Sixth Street, where the actor's new mansion is nearing completion.  The spray-painted message, first reported by EV Grieve, makes an insulting reference to Schwimmer's Friends character, Ross.

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"ROSS IS NOT COOL," reads the text, found on a nearby construction site.

The anti-Schwimmer sentiment may be related to the demolition of a historic townhouse the actor had torn down in 2011 as a spot for his new digs. He bought the property in 2010 for $4.1 million, according to NY Mag.

Back when the historic house—built in 1854—was destroyed, other angry messages popped up in the East Village, with one reading: "The destruction of an irreplaceable historic building for what??? Another ugly yuppie ghetto catering to monied transients + Euro-Trash!!! F—k you + your ugliness." (Obscenity censored by The Hollywood Reporter.)

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Schwimmer had the property demolished after the city informed him it could be eligible for landmark status. Photos of the nearly completed mansion can be found over at Curbed.

A rep for Schwimmer declined to comment.