Anti-George Stephanopoulos Street Art Appears Near ABC Headquarters in N.Y.

Guerrilla artists target the embattled news anchor for donating to the Clinton Foundation.

The controversy surrounding ABC newscaster George Stephanopoulos and the Clinton Foundation is rich territory for satire.

On Wednesday night a group of Los Angeles-based guerrilla artists plastered posters outside ABC headquarters in Manhattan and under the Good Morning America marquee in Times Square.

The posters, which were affixed to light posts and utility boxes, depicted caricatures of Stephanopoulos and Hillary Clinton, with a the words “Pay Pal” and a stylized “donate” button.

The conservative artists have previously posted anti-Hillary bills in Los Angeles and Brooklyn.

Stephanopoulos' problems began when it was revealed that he had donated large sums to the Clinton Foundation without informing either his network or its viewers. Particular attention has been drawn to the fact that he aggressively interviewed Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer on camera without revealing that he was a donor to the foundation.

Amid rising controversy and calls for his dismissal, Stephanopoulos withdrew as the host of one of the upcoming Republican presidential debates.


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