Anti-Obama Group Publishes Phone Numbers of Hollywood's 'Leftist Elites'

Steven Spielberg
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With War Horse up for best picture, Steven Spielberg arrives at the 2012 Oscars with two previous directing nods under his belt.

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Bill Maher, Morgan Freeman and Steven Spielberg were among those targeted by Grassfire Nation in a Friday e-mail blast.

Conservative activist group Grassfire Nation is calling on its supporters to take Hollywood liberals to task.

In an e-mail blast sent to supporters Friday (and posted on the group’s website), Grassfire Nation published the contact information of several Hollywood directors, producers and actors who have contributed to a pro-Obama super PAC. The note asks fellow conservatives to demand that the “leftist elites” cease and desist a recent ad.

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The group names Bill Maher, Morgan Freeman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams as significant donors to Priorities USA Action, which recently released an ad that, according to Grassfire Nation, "wrongfully accuses" GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney of "causing a woman to lose her health insurance and die from cancer."

"Plus, new evidence implicates the Obama team and Priorities USA of possible criminal collusion in the ad (super PACs are not allowed by law to coordinate in any way with campaigns),” the note continues.

“Grassfire Nation is launching this CITIZEN NOTICE calling on leftist elites to cease and desist this despicable ad. These notices will be sent directly to Priorities USA as well as Maher, Freeman, Katzenberg, Spielberg and Abrams -- because their money funded this deplorable campaign,” it adds.

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The e-mail, as reported by Buzzfeed, also included a list of phone numbers for each celebrity named, adding up to a total of nine numbers. The numbers listed connected to various talent and management agencies that represent each of the men in question.

Callers were encouraged to read from the notice below:

As a concerned American, I am calling on Priorities USA Action to immediately withdraw its “Understands” anti-Romney ad from the airwaves, along with a public apology to the American people for corrupting the political debate with deception and dishonesty.

I am also calling on those who are bankrolling Priorities USA -- such as Bill Maher, Morgan Freeman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams and others -- to use their influence and demand that this despicable ad be withdrawn.