New Anti-Obama Film Claims His Mother Posed for Nude Photos

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In "Dreams From My Real Father," right-wing filmmaker Joel Gilbert offers a conspiracy theory about the president's paternity.

An anti-Obama film, claiming that the president's mother posed for nude photos, is being sent to more than 1 million voters in swing states, the Daily Beast reports.

In Dreams From My Real Father, made by right-wing filmmaker Joel Gilbert that was funded privately, photos of a naked woman wearing leather gloves, boots and a corset in a suggestive pose are featured. The film claims the woman in question is Obama's mother Ann Dunham.

Other claims made in the film are that Obama's father is left-wing poet and Communist activist Frank Marshall Davis, that Dunham's marriage was a cover-up and that Obama's grandfather was a CIA agent.

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A DVD of Dreams has already been mailed to more than 1 million voters in the battleground state of Ohio, with between 80,000 to 100,000 sent to Nevada and New Hampshire voters. There are plans, Gilbert told the Daily Beast, to send 2 to 3 million more copies of the film.

"It's about the lowest thing you can do to accuse, with no evidence, the opposition candidate's mother of being a porn star," Democratic consultant Steve Murphy told the Daily Mail. "There are two motives behind this -- racism and money. It's a cynical attempt to make some coin and exploit the views of the fringes of mainstream views."

The film's director told the Daily Mail that the film came from two years of research and he claims that he identified Dunham in the naked photos by using her high school images, saying that "her teeth matched, her nose matched, everything matched" and that the correlation was "obvious." He did not use an expert, however, to support his finding.

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Gilbert claimed that he had "convincing evidence" that Dunham and Davis had a relationship, including "30 photos of her in various compromising states of nudity."

It has been speculated that the Tea Party may be behind Dreams.

Another anti-Obama documentary, 2016: Obama's America, has been making the rounds. A surprise at the box office (it's the second highest-grossing political documentary behind Fahrenheit 9/11), the film by Dinesh D'Souza based on his book was criticized by Obama's campaign. In a Sept. 5 entry on Obama's website, the president's camp claimed the documentary had several inaccuracies.