Anton Yelchin Doc Soundtrack to Feature Songs Written by Late Actor

The documentary features a look at Yelchin's journal entries, photography and original music and includes interviews with his family and industry peers, among them J.J. Abrams and Jodie Foster.

Upcoming documentary Love, Antosha details the life and career of late actor Anton Yelchin, who rose to fame for roles in tentpole films such as Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation as well as his various indie film performances, among them Like Crazy and Odd Thomas

The documentary, directed by Garret Price, features a look at Yelchin's journal entries, photography and original music, as well as interviews with his family and colleagues. Numerous industry peers share their experiences of him, including J.J. Abrams, Willem Dafoe, Nicolas Cage, Like Crazy director Drake Doremus, Jodie Foster, John Cho and more.

The soundtrack to the film includes a host of original songs written and performed by Yelchin and his punk band, the Hammerheads. (Listen to "Head on Fire" here via Soundcloud.) 

In the above clip, the Hammerheads talk about their memories of Yelchin in the band. "Every time he came over, he brought about three songs with him, and he would play them three different ways," recalls a band member. "It doesn't matter how good you are, literally when you get together and share creativity in that way, something happens. We're like a unit."

Yelchin died on June 19, 2016, after being pinned in between his car, which had rolled backward down his driveway, and the fence to his property. He was 27 years old. His last screen performance was in the film We Don't Belong Here, in which he starred opposite Catherine Keener. 

The soundtrack to Love, Antosha releases digitally and via CD on July 16, with the film debuting in Los Angeles on Aug. 2 and New York on Aug. 9. 

Watch the trailer below.