'Queer Eye' Star Antoni Porowski On Creating His "Autobiographical" Cook Book

"It's like an homage to recipes that I’ve tried from all over the place," Porowski told In Studio. "All these dishes are important. There's a reason why I keep making them over and over again."

Queer Eye's resident Food and Wine Expert Antoni Porowski is sharing his favorites recipes in his new cook book Antoni In the Kitchen, and shared with In Studio With The Hollywood Reporter how seeing the hard copy of the book itself feels “very surreal.”

"I get emotional a lot — that’s not saying a lot, but when I opened it up and the publisher sent me the first copy, I looked at it and I was like, 'Holy crap.' This is months and months of work and testing and going back and editing it all into a book, and it's out there for everyone to see."

Antoni in the Kitchen feels like an "autobiography" of the cook's love for food, he says, featuring everything from weeknight healthy meals to recipes that are perfect for entertaining friends.

"I've been deeply obsessed with food since I was a kid," Porowski told In Studio. "When I was actually approached to do a book, first I was shocked that they wanted 100 recipes. I was thinking, 'How am I possibly going to come up with 100?'"

Working with editor Rux Martin, the Queer Eye star created a book featuring everything from some of his Polish favorite recipes growing up to ones influenced by dishes he’s had around the world.

"I just treated it like starting from the beginning, like dishes that I remember when I was a little kid and my parents would prepare for me, the Polish food that I loved and that I was ashamed of when I got older because being Polish wasn’t really cool all the time. But then I revisited stuff I made when I was a broke-ass student, to food that I make now, to some Queer Eye behind-the-scenes stuff that never made it," he explained.

"It's like an homage to recipes that I've tried from all over the place. And what I realized very quickly is that it is an autobiography. All these dishes are important. There’s a reason why I keep making them over and over again."

Antoni in the Kitchen is available now.

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