Antonia Thomas Signs to Star In 'Rearview,' Avril E Russell’s Feature Debut

Thomas stars alongside Jamie Sives, Jay Simpson and James Floyd in the indie psychological road thriller.

LONDON – Antonia Thomas, a rising TV star whose resume boasts the first season of cult British small screeen hit Misfits, has signed to star in Rearview, writer-director Avril E Russell’s feature debut.

Thomas stars alongside Jamie Sives (One Day), Jay Simpson (Pride & Prejudice) and James Floyd (Everywhere & Nowhere) in the British indie psychological road thriller.

Micro-budgeted Rearview is produced by Stella Nwimo for Northpoint Pictures and has financing from the U.K.’s Premier Pictures.

Nwimo recently travelled to the Toronto Film Festival under the Toronto Producers Lab initiative to help drum up interest and cash for the project.

U.K.-based sales and finance label Stealth Media Group is handling international sales with Stealth’s Michael L Cowan executive producing.

It is shooting in England for four weeks.