Antonio Banderas producing 'Dia Roto'

$3 million shoot begins in October

MADRID -- Antonio Banderas will produce “Dia Roto” through his Spanish production house Green Moon, he said at this week’s Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

The $3 million action film, which will begin a nine-week shoot in October, marks the directorial debut of short film director Nestor Dennis, the latest in a line of young Spanish talent that Banderas has helped launch.

“For me, it is fundamental to lend my name for a cause such as this,” Banderas said Tuesday as he presented the project in the festival's forum, which is designed to attract financing for projects in pre-production.

Malaga native Banderas has held his own on the festival’s red carpet, even as hordes of young fans have created a frenzy over a fresh group of stars making the jump from TV series to the big screen.

Among the young stars creating a stir are Mario Casas, who stars in teen comedy “Brain Drain,” and Hugo Silva, who stars opposite Carmelo Gomez in “Guts,” a thriller focusing on drug trafficking in Spain's northwestern Galician region. Both actors -- along with a handful of other twentysomething talent -- had fans waiting for hours for a glimpse of their idols.