'Apollo 18': What the Moviegoers Are Saying

"Apollo 18"

"Your time would be better spent drinking the bilge from a sewer drain," one quick take read.

Dimension Films' mysterious space thriller Apollo 18 wasn't screened prior to Friday's release for film critics -- and the move didn't produce posit reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter's Frank Scheck indicated that Apollo 18's form is "cliched" and "so is its content." Done in a documentary style, the film relies on the premise that the Apollo 18 mission did go to the moon, but just never returned. "The film's few scares don't come from anything truly creepy or imaginative but instead from jarring cuts and loud sound effects," Scheck writes.

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Many moviegoers tended to agree, with one telling others to use their money and wait until it comes out on Blu-ray or DVD. "Apollo 18 came out and I say save your money," one person tweeted on Saturday. "Wait till it comes out on blu-ray. only 2/5 slurps."

"Do not see Apollo 18. Your time would be better spent drinking the bilge from a sewer drain," wrote another.

STORY: 'Apollo 18': What the Critics Are Saying

Others commented on the misleading trailers. "Apollo 18 was average! Not what I thought it was goon to be!! Trailers can be deceiving!," they said.

"Watching Apollo 18... It's kinda boring but it makes me not wanna look away," wrote another moviegoer, who wasn't exactly sure why he couldn't look away from the screen.

There were more succinct reactions, with a person by the account @Dru_TrustIssues declaring, "apollo 18 was the worst movie ever." They weren't alone. "The movie Apollo 18 was awful. 90 minutes lost forever," reviewed another.

But Apollo 18 may be targeted toward a niche audience. "If you like killer space rocks, Apollo 18 is for you!," said Andrew Adam.

"I don't know which positive review of APOLLO 18 is more nauseating: the one that calls it 'innovative' or the one calling it 'real,' " complained Erik of the various reviews rolling in.

Not everyone felt Apollo 18 was a waste of money.

"Went to see "Apollo 18." Thing 2's pick. Not bad: mostly jump scares, but done well. An otherwise full & interesting afternoon, as well," wrote a Twitter user.

"Saw Apollo 18 yesterday, it was good," said another on Saturday.

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