Apple CEO: iCloud Adding Extra Security Following Photo Hacking

Apple CEO Tim Cook - H 2014
AP Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook - H 2014

Apple has been investigating the Jennifer Lawrence leak

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company will add an extra security alert for its iCloud following a hacking scandal which saw nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other stars circulate online.  

Cook told The Wall Street Journal that celebrities fell victim to hackers who correctly answered security questions to retrieve passwords, while other stars were victimized by phishing scams. He stressed the Apple IDs and passwords did not leak from Apple servers.

To prevent this from happening in the future, Cook said the company will begin alerting users by email and push notifications when someone tries to change their account password or restore iCloud data to a new device, or when a device is used to log into an account for the first time.

This is a change from the previous notifications, which sent customers an email if someone attempted to change a password or log in from a new device. The notification for restoring iCloud data to an unknown device is new. The new system will take effect in about two weeks, Cook told The Journal.

Both Apple and the FBI have been investigating the photo hacking . Photos of Lawrence, Kate Upton and other celebrities began appearing over the weekend and on the online bulletin board 4chan.