Apple iPad to be carried by Verizon

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Beginning Oct. 28, Verizon will offer Wi-Fi version of popular device.

Hot on the heels of ubiquitous but unconfirmed reports that Verizon Wireless will begin selling the iPhone early next year comes Thursday's announcement on Verizon’s website that beginning Oct. 28, Verizon will begin hawking Apple's iPad, reports The Huffington Post.

AT&T, Apple's current exclusive U.S. carrier of its popular smartphone and iPad, will continue to offer the iPad with 3G technology, while Verizon will sell the alternative Wi-Fi version. However, Verizon customers will have the option of connecting to their service's 3G network and linking the data to the iPad wirelessly via a special "MiFi" device. Verizon's monthly plans cost between $20 for 1 gig to approximately $130 for a bundle package that includes the "MiFi" gadget and service.