Apple iPhone 4S Sells Out in U.S. Pre-Orders


Consumers lined up Friday to buy the new device in stores with one in Tokyo saying, "I want something to remember Steve Jobs by."

NEW YORK - U.S. mobile phone carriers have sold out of Apple's new iPhone 4S in pre-orders, the New York Post reported.

It said that all three major carriers that offer the phone - Sprint, AT&T and Verizon - have announced pre-order sellouts.

Earlier in the week, Apple said the latest iPhone is its fastest-selling phone yet with more than 1 million pre-orders.

Meanwhile, as the new iPhone went on sale in stores across the world on Friday, thousands lined up in such cities as London, Paris and Tokyo to get the final Apple device unveiled while co-founder Steve Jobs was alive, Reuters reported.

"I am a fan, a big fan," Reuters quoted one consumer lined up in Tokyo as saying. "I want something to remember Steve Jobs by."

The new phone was introduced one day before Jobs died. Initially seen as a disappointment, reviews have since been positive with many lauding a voice-activated software that helps answer user questions.

New Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team hope to show with the device that they can sell hit products even without their long-time leader.