Apple iPhone 4S Elicits Mixed Web Reaction From Consumers


Voice command feature attracts attention but many express disappointment that an iPhone 5 was not introduced.

Tuesday's unveiling of Apple's iPhone 4S was met with mixed response online. The phone's new voice command features, dubbed Siri, is by far the most talked-about aspect of the updated product, with "Siri" out-trending "iPhone4S" or "iPhone" on Twitter boards. Other reactions to the newest Apple phone express disappointment that it wasn't the rumored iPhone 5.


iPhone 4S' voice assistant is dubbed Siri after the company Apple bought which pioneered the underlying technology. Siri, which calls itself a "humble assistant," allows users to have a natural language conversation with their iPhone. During the phone's rollout presentation, Apple exec Scott Forstall asked it, “What is the weather today?" The phone replied, "Here is the weather for today,” displaying the weather on the screen.

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Apple has also set up partnerships with Yelp and Wolfram Alpha so the iPhone can answer more sophisticated questions. For example, to "find me a great Greek restaurant in Palo Alto," the phone responded, "I've located 14 Greek restaurants. Five are in Palo Alto. I've sorted them by rating."

This feature, and Siri in general, drew a number of comedic reactions:

wilshipley Wil Shipley
Well, I fired my executive assistant in preparation for the iPhone 4s. Hope it’s as good as they say

DannysStudio Danny Casale
Apples "Siri" speech control on the iPhone 4S. I plan on telling Siri to set my alarms, control my calendar, and to listen to my problems

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mikelaurie Mike Laurie
Really hope new voice recognition feature Siri has some of the same hilarious consequences autocorrect has

Ross_Jamieson Ross Jamieson 
Siri, find me local drug dealers in order of highest ratings.

gizmosachin Sachin Patel
Apple announces Siri on the new iPhone, Terminator 2 (Skynet Edition) becomes the #4 Blu-ray on Amazon.

Xenojay Jordan T
Isn't that Tom Cruise's kid? “@ashbriar: Can someone give me a quick update on who or what Siri is? #lost”

killerindulgnce Jessica Gage
lmfao!!! RT @jdharm I can't wait to use #Siri for sexting


On the surface the iPhone 4S looks exactly like the existing iPhone 4, but it has a supercharged engine under the hood. The 4S uses the same A5 chip found in the iPad2, so it offers 2X the processing speed and 7X the graphic performance of the existing iPhone. It also has eight hours of 3G talk time, ten hours of video watching, forty hours of music, and an upgraded 8MP camera, which delivers 3264 by 2448 resolution and the ability to print 8x10 inch photos.

These features were met with lukewarm responses online:

lexysavvides Lexy Savvides
iPhone 4S may be the best camera you've ever owned... if your last camera was a pen and paper. #amirite

Jaxinhall Jaxin Hall
The funny thing is if apple had just named the 4s the "iPhone 5" everyone would be raving about it and camping out immediately

keith_stewart Keith Stewart
I'm going as the iPhone 4S for Halloween by wearing last year's costume and disappointing everyone.

Slate Slate
Wow, the new #iPhone is incredibly disappointing:

Sara_Paxton Sara Paxton
Darn...I was really looking forward to iPhone 5...

abisheknair Abishek Nair
Slightly underwhelmed with the iPhone 4S. Nothing new that the competition doesn't have. Siri like features already exist on the others.

DieLaughing J. Adam Moore
People pissed off about the iPhone 4S would be pissed off if "flying" cars only hovered a few feet off the ground.

ashens Stuart Ashen
Hugely disappointed by announcement of iPhone 4S. No new case means no new Chinese knock-offs :(

I dont understand why some people are excited about the iPhone 4s? If you have an iPhone4 its basically the same thing!

OfficialKhalid Khalid Hashi
Wtf is a iPhone 4s? Might as well get a baby nokia wit a phat farm cover

lindyashlyn lindy mcdaniel
Every single tweet I see about disappointment with the new iPhone I just think to myself #thinkaboutit #takeabreather

graubart Barry Graubart
Who should buy iPhone 4S? Those still on 3GS, those w/no iphone; Sprint customers; gadget geeks; who should wait? iPhone 4 users (like me)

ALL_CAPS David Hicks
Apple releases amazing device with revolutionary voice assistant interface. World responds like whiny, spoiled kids: "Meh—Not iPhone 5."

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