Apple Unveils Super-Thin MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro - H 2012
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Apple Macbook Pro - H 2012

Executives boast that the new version of the laptop, which weighs less than 4 1/2 pounds, features "the world's highest-resolution notebook display."

Apple on Monday unveiled a new super-thin version of its MacBook Pro laptop that comes with what executives called "the world's highest-resolution notebook display."

The new Pro weighs less than 4 1/2 pounds and is as thin as the MacBook Air, the Los Angeles Times reported. The laptop was introduced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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The display on the 15-inch screen employs the same Retina technology used on Apple's iPhone and iPad and is capable of displaying a 1080i resolution, same as a high-def TV, or four times the number of pixels on the previous Pro.

In addition to updated graphics, the new Pro also features 16 gigabytes of memory and up to 768 gigs of flash memory. Apple also said the battery will last up to seven hours.

The laptop began shipping Monday with a retail price of $2,200.

Meanwhile, the company also announced a slew of new features for its upcoming iOS 6 mobile platform that debuts in the fall, including Facebook integration.

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Apple previously had included Twitter integration with its iOS 5 mobile platform, which prompted many users to complain about the lack of Facebook support. With the new iOS 6, users will be able to share photos, update their status and share links from other apps.

Meanwhile, Apple execs also said they have added several new features to Siri, its voice-controlled personal assistant that already comes installed in the iPhone, including the ability to open other apps and interact more efficiently with those apps, improving the user's ability to perform such functions as sending messages, researching sports scores, selecting music tracks, checking the weather, looking up stock prices, scheduling appointments, making dinner reservations or looking up movie times and buying tickets.

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Apple execs also said they are talking to eight automakers about adding Siri into new cars. The company is currently in discussions with Audi, BMW, GM, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes and Toyota to feature a button that will bring up the feature that will let iOS device owners access Siri and their iPhone while driving without taking their eyes off the road.

Also among the announcements was a new mapping feature that will replace the Google Maps service on the iPhone. It includes a 3D mapping feature as well as real-time traffic and turn-by-turn navigation.