Apple's New iPod Lineup: 8 Things to Know


The new models feature bigger screens, Bluetooth streaming, new colors, improved headphones and the "Loop," for attaching a carrying strap.

Apple updated its iPod line with new iPod Nanos, Touches, and Shuffles. 

Here's eight things to know about what's new with the popular music and video players"

1. New Headphones.

Apple  introduced new EarPod headphones to replace the familiar (and much hated) white Ear buds. The new headphones slip into the ear canal slightly to produce a better fit and clearer sound.

2. Bigger screens

The Touch includes a bigger 4-inch screen, similar to the one on the just-announced iPhone 5 and includes an upgraded A5 processor (though not the A6 found on the new phone), which Apple says produces graphics 7X better than previous models. The new Nana is significantly larger, featuring a 2.5-inch screen.It features on-screen controls and an FM tuner with built-in recording DVR-like recording capability.

3. Thinner and lighter

The new fifth generation iPod Touch is the thinnest and lightest model yet at 6.1mm thick and just 88 grams in weight. 

Despite adding the bigger screen, the new Nano is just 5.4 mm thick, 38 percent thinner than the older models.

4 Colors

For the first time Apple is offering the Touch in a range of colors--aluminum, black, blue, yellow and red. 

The Nano comes in seven colors: Aluminum, black, purple, green, blue, yellow and red.

5. Smaller Dock

It also sports Apple's new smaller Lighting connector, which replaces the nearly decade-old 30-pin dock.

6. The Loop

Apple also added something its calling the "loop" to the back of the Touch, its a small button that allows users to attach a small wrist strap for added security and comfort.

Apple will sell color-co-coordinated Loop straps for the Touch.

7. Bluetooth

For the first time, the iPods include built-in Bluetooth for wireless streaming to external speakers.

8. How much and when?

The new Touch is priced at  $299 for 16GB and $399 for 32GB.  The new models will ship in October. The previous generation iPod Touch will continue to be available for $199/$249 for the 16GB/32GB models.

Pricing for the single Nano model is $149 for 16GB and like the Touch it will be available in October.

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