Apple Testing Designs for TV Sets (Report)

The technology giant has been looking to push further into people's living rooms, but some analysts believe the launch of a possible new TV product will take time.


LONDON - Apple Inc. is working with companies in Asia to test designs for a possible TV set in the latest sign that the tech giant is looking to expand further into people's living rooms, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Citing sources, it said the company, led by CEO Tim Cook, has been testing several designs for a large-screen high-resolution TV set with component suppliers in Asia.

The tests are being described as being in an early stage, and they don't ensure that Apple will indeed start making TV sets as it tests new designs all the time.

An Apple push into the TV set market would put it into competition with some of its big suppliers, such as Samsung. It would also be a further Apple challenge to Sony Corp.

Earlier this year, it emerged that Apple has held talks with cable TV operators about building a set-top-box that would offer live TV. And in a recent interview with NBC News, Cook said his executive team's interest in TV has progressed beyond a "hobby." The company hasn't commented further.

Analysts have said that following the success of Apple's iPhones and iPads, a TV product could be the next engine for the tech company.

However, Apple so far hasn't managed to reach deals with cable operators or content giants for a new TV offer.

And some on Wall Street continue to caution that an Apple TV may take a while to come to market. BTIG Media Analyst Rich Greenfield said last week that he does not believe an Apple television set was imminent. "We believe the product will take longer to come to fruition than investors are expecting and is at least a year away," he said.

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