Apple Watch App Remotely Starts Tesla Model S

Courtesy of Apple Hermes

The app integrates the new Summon feature, which remotely starts a Tesla and automatically backs the car in and out of a garage.

The Summon feature integrated in Tesla's latest software update allows Model S and Model X owners to remotely start their cars and automatically back them in and out of a garage with a smartphone or Tesla key fob. 

Now third party software developer Rego Apps has updated its Remote S for Tesla Apple watch app to integrate Summon functionality.

When an icon on the watch is pressed the Tesla starts itself, opens the garage door and backs into the driveway using the 3D cameras and radar of Tesla's Autopilot semiautonomous driving technology.

Though Summon is limited to straightforward parking and unparking, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk envisions a near future where a Tesla owner in New York could summon his Tesla from a garage in L.A. and have the car drive itself across the country. 

Shares in Tesla have plunged more than 36 percent over the last three months on concerns that cheap gas will drive down demand for electric cars and Tesla's ability to ramp up production of its new Model X SUV. Earlier this week, a Tesla owner claimed that Musk canceled his order for a Model X in retaliation for a negative blog post about the company.

Tesla is expected to report its fourth quarter earnings February 10 after the markets close.