Apple Won’t Launch New TV Product This Year (Report)

Time Warner Cable could be a first partner for the tech giant, led by CEO Tim Cook.

Apple won’t launch a TV Service that the entertainment industry has long been discussing this year, Bloomberg News reported.

While some analysts have predicted a new push to make Apple a core part of people's living room's, the report quoted a person familiar with the company’s plans as saying the tech giant  would not release a new TV product this year.

One of Apple's biggest challenges has been getting media and entertainment companies, and more recently cable operators, to partner with the company and risk hurting key revenue streams.

In its recent talks with cable companies, Apple, led by CEO Tim Cook, has battled for control over the software that determines the TV screen interface, Bloomberg said, quoting people familiar with the talks.

Apple’s main TV play so far is its $99 Apple TV, a device that streams movies, TV shows and other content from the Internet. But the company has been pushing to expand its role in the TV eco-system.

Amid continued caution on the part of content companies, Apple has focused on cable operators as possible partners. It is looking to strike deals that would allow it to release a set top box that cable subscribers could use to access their TV subscription content.

After a recent report that said Apple has been in talks with the likes of Time Warner Cable, Bloomberg cited people familiar with the situation as saying that its negotiations are furthest along with the firm.

Apple could look at TWC to be its first partner in a similar way that AT&T helped it launch the iPhone.

“Unlike other distributors, we are not religiously wedded to absolutely controlling the user interface," Bloomberg quoted Rob Marcus, COO of TWC, as saying.


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