Apple's Siri Is a 'Westworld' Fan

Westworld Finale -Still 7 - Jeffrey Wright - EMBED 2016
Courtesy of HBO

"Someone get me out of this crazy theme park!"

There are a lot of fans of the new HBO hit series Westworld out there, including Apple's robotic personal assistant, Siri

If Siri is asked specific questions about the show or is told quotes, it responds in kind. 

For instance, if you tell Siri the famous phrase from the show, "These violent delights have violent ends," Siri responds "Someone get me out of this crazy theme park!" 

Some members of the cast were posting screenshots from their phones with the Westworld responses, and The Hollywood Reporter confirmed those were actual responses given on the iPhone interface. 

Westworld concluded its first season run on Sunday. It has been renewed for a second season, which will air in 2018.