Apple's Steve Jobs Unveils Futuristic New Headquarters Design (Photo)

He tells the tech giant's hometown of Cupertino that the new building, which looks like a spaceship, could open in 2015 and become "the best office building in the world."

NEW YORK - Apple CEO Steve Jobs earlier this week gave the tech giant's hometown of Cupertino, Calif. a sneak preview of plans for a new headquarters that he said could become "the best office building in the world," the New York Post reported on Thursday.

It wasn't immediately clear how much the new building would cost.

To sell Cupertino on the glass circle design, which the company hopes to open in 2015 and which some immediately dubbed the iSpaceship, Jobs spoke in front of the city council.

It was a rare public appearance for the tech mogul who has been on medical leave since early this year. On Monday, he helped unveil Apple's iCloud music and document storage service and other latest products.

"It's like a spaceship landed," Jobs told the Cupertino city council about the proposed new Apple headquarters near the firm's current location,  according to the Post. He added that it would house up to 13,000 Apple staff.

The HQ would supply its own energy, feature 6,000 trees and offer all underground parking, it said.

If Cupertino doesn't get on board with Apple's plans, Jobs suggested that Mountain View, where Google is located, could be an alternative, according to the Post.


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