'Apprentice' Contestants Bash Donald Trump at Manhattan Press Conference

Coutesy of YouTube/CNN
Kwame Jackson speaking at Friday's anti-Trump rally

Fourth season winner, Randal Pinkett, and first season runner-up Kwame Jackson were among those who spoke out against the GOP frontrunner's rhetoric.

A winner of The Apprentice and several other former contestants on Donald Trump's reality show are speaking out against the Republican frontrunner's presidential campaign.

Randal Pinkett, winner of the show's fourth season, says he disagrees with Trump's views and the direction of his campaign.

Trump has criticized the ex-contestants as "failing wannabes." He says nobody would know who they are if it weren't for him.

Pinkett held a Manhattan news conference Friday with Kwame Jackson, runner-up from season one, and Tara Dowdell from season three. Marshawn Evans Daniels from season four appeared via Skype.

Season two's Kevin Allen and James Sun from season six did not appear as planned because of logistical issues.