April Fools' Day 2015's 10 Best Pranks

Courtesy of Funny or Die

Hulu Pets debuts "The Real Pugs of Portland" and Google goes backwards.

Every year, the quest to pull off the biggest April Fools' Day prank gets harder -— and the tricks get more elaborate, more believable and considerably more over-the-top.

From Google's new domain to Hulu's pet-friendly programming, see who pulled off the best pranks this year.

1. Google Goes Backwards
The search-engine giant debuted its new domain, https://com.google, for those who want to read all search results and view all photos backwards.

2. Gmail Introduces Smartbox
The new hand motion sensor mailbox launched by Google organizes mail and weeds out spam in an entirely new and unique way. Interested buyers can sign up to be on the Smartbox waitlist any time before April 2.

3. Pac-Man Invades Google Maps
Currently, Google Maps users have the option of turning any street or region into a game of Pac-Man. With just the click of button, Maps will zoom into a specific area on the map and transform it into a Pac-Man maze, complete with pac-dots and ghosts.

4. Hulu Gets Animal-Friendly
Why watch The Voice when you can watch The Bark? Hulu is offering a new selection of animal-friendly programming (or as the site calls it, "Premium Pet Purrrrgramming"), which includes a variety of Hulu originals such as The Real Pugs of Portland, Wheel of Furtune, Bone Appétit.

5. Pizza Hut Promotes Pizza-Flavored Beer
The rich flavors of beer and pizza are blended in Pizza Hut's new menu item Pepperoni Pilsner.

6. Funny or Die Launches "Dips"
Move over, Vine. Adam McKay, Richard Linklater and Mark Cuban have announced the launch of a new video-sharing platform that will bring the laughs in just 1.5 seconds. See how Jennifer Lawrence, Will FerrellBritney Spears and an extensive roster of other A-listers have made use of that time here.

Adam McKay, Richard Linklater, and Mark Cuban Announce 'Dips' from Funny Or Die

7. Amazon Goes Retro
Amazon.com's new website design throws back to 1999.

8. YouTube Turns Every Video Trance 
Give any video on the site some background music by clicking the small musical note symbol pictured on the bottom right side. A snippet of Darude's trance track "Sandstorm" will play and turn every clip into a dance party.

9. Sony PlayStation Dives Deep
PlayStation Flow is the latest venture by Sony that offers an all-around interactive experience. Instead of using game consoles, players can put on a pair of goggles, dive into a swimming pool and become their own game character for any underwater sequence.

10. Audi Debuts the Autonomous Office Chair
The new autonomous office chair by Audi allows workers to move around any work space with the speed and power of an automobile. Equipped with a 6-kilowatt motor, aerodynamic efficiency and bio-metric sensors, the office chair "takes the drudgery and effort out of getting around the office."