April Fools' Day: 7 Pranks That Fooled No One

Google Cardboard Plastic Trailer - H 2016

Google Cardboard Plastic Trailer - H 2016

Netflix, Google, Funny or Die and Hulu join in on the fun.

Media, tech and marketing brands look forward to April Fools' Day each year.

The holiday brings out some inventive hoaxes, products and entertainment projects. This year was no different and saw the presentation of Google's latest "virtual reality" device, Netflix's John Stamos project, some real-life Ghostbusters technology and a video experience by Snoop Dogg.

Google Cardboard Plastic

For April Fools' Day, Google introduced the Cardboard Plastic, "the first headset for actual reality." The "fully immersive, lightweight" device is exactly what it looks like: wide plastic glasses. Google even released an ad for the new faux product, boasting that it features 20/20 resolution (depending on eyesight).

Netflix's Stamos: A Human, Being

John Stamos starred in a promo for the fake Netflix series Stamos: A Human, Being, in which the Fuller House star introduced the art piece after looking at photos of himself from the '90s.

Funny or Die Kim Jong-un Takeover

The comedy brand was overrun with Kim Jong-un propaganda on Friday, including a name change from "Funny or Die" to "Funny Death Choose" and a short called The Landowner.

Sony Proton Pack

In honor of Paul Feig's upcoming Ghostbusters film, Sony "created" a Proton Pack in collaboration with "nuclear engineer and munitions expert Dr. Jillian Holtzmann," the character played by Kate McKinnon.

Virgin America

Richard Branson and his team decided to take on a new logo for April Fools' Day, something full of "sharp angles and sleek, sexy, supple curves [that] are meant to surprise and delight upon repeat views," according to Virgin America's blog post. The new look was helped along by faux marketing guru N_Fuzion (who also got his own faux website). See what some of Branson's doodles and logo ideas remind you of.

HuluDatr, Mood Settr, Petwatchr

Hulu's Datr, a faux dating app, also sparked ideas for a Mood Settr, which sends a care package of candles, warm socks and other items to get a couple in the mood to watch their favorite shows, and a Petwatchr, a curated series of shows pets can watch while their owners are away.

YouTube SnoopaVision

YouTube presented a "fully immersive experience that lets you watch any video on YouTube in 360 degrees, with Snoop Dogg."