APSA gives Baek development prize

Korean director wins $5000 ahead of main awards ceremony

BEIJING -- The Asia Pacific Screen Awards one prize Wednesday ahead of its centerpiece ceremony Thursday night, with Korea's Baek Seung-bin winning for "Members of the Funeral," ("Jang-rye-sik-ui").

Baek took home the 2009 APSA NETPAC Development Prize, which includes $5000, and chosen by an international jury with members from throughout Asia.

Also on Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter's contributing editor Patrick Frater and CNN's Anna Coren hostedmembers of the international jury in a panel discussion titled Beyond Borders. The jury members include Chinese director and producer Huang Jianxin, 
Iranian writer, director and producer Tahmineh Milāni, Indian filmmaker and previous APSA winner Pryas
 Gupta,  Korean filmmaker Gina Kim, Australian film historian, documentary filmmaker and producer Andrew Pike and Australian actor and filmmaker Aden Young.

 The members recapped their careers and offered their views on filmmaking in the region.