Aquazzura Designer Reveals the Two A-Listers He'd Love to See in His Shoes

Designer Edgardo Osorio GETTY - H 2016
Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Saks Fifth Avenue

Edgardo Osorio — whose flattering footwear is beloved by many in Hollywood (Julianne Moore and Jennifer Lawrence included) — says these famous ladies are the missing link.

It's been five years since designer Edgardo Osorio launched luxury footwear label Aquazzura, and already his red carpet-ready shoes have been seen on a number of A-listers including Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence.

Osorio, who says he's always been fascinated with shoes ever since he was a kid, touched down in L.A. on Thursday afternoon to head over to Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, where he held a meet-and-greet with his SoCal fans.

There, we chatted with the Florence-based designer about his summer-ready collection and the famous ladies that have yet to wear his colorfully-crafted creations.

Welcome to L.A.! When did you arrive?

I was here last week for a day, on my way to Palm Springs and then I went to San Francisco. And then I just arrived here today and then I'm here until Friday. But I'm coming back this summer because I love L.A. and California, so we're doing my road trip for three weeks, so I'll be here for a little bit in August. [For now] we're showing my latest collection and then after this, we're going to Miami.

Tell me about your latest collection.

It really started with the idea of traveling. I read somewhere that the average person travels 20 times a year and following some of my clients, I think they travel a lot more than that. It was really this idea of women going around, shopping and collecting things as they go along. Our girl travels everywhere — she went to Mexico, she went to Colombia, she went to Santa Fe, she went to Greece. It was mixing all these things together — all the different elements and making things that were exciting and different and fun.

We have the pom-pom raffia shoes — those are all handmade, each pom-pom takes 20 minutes to make and they're made by these artisans in Tuscany. We have all these heels that are inspired by Byzantine jewelry, almost like Cleopatra's necklaces. We have a lot of fringing — the Tulum sandals. There's a little bit of everything but the whole collection is very free-spirited and fun. I just wanted shoes that girls would love to wear and make you happy. You see them and you just want to go on holiday or have a cocktail.

How many shoes are in the particular range?

You know, I never count. I always say it's bad luck to count years and shoes. [Laughs]

Your shoes have been seen by a lot of people in Hollywood.

There's been so many amazing women who have been wearing the shoes. I love Charlize Theron and Julianne Moore, who I believe wears the shoes almost every week. Jennifer Lawrence wears them a lot, too. Lily James wore the shoes beautifully to the premiere of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. We also have Gigi [Hadid] and Kendall [Jenner] that are regulars. I think this past weekend, Kendall was wearing one of our sandals for Easter. It's so many beautiful, inspiring women wearing the shoes. It's such a variety to see how they mix and match.

Who else would you love to see in your designs that haven't worn them yet?

I think the only person I haven't seen is maybe Cate Blanchett, who I adore. Oh, and Angelina [Jolie]. They're the only two left — the missing link. [Laughs]

You did a recent collab with Poppy Delevingne — what other projects do you have in the works?

We are working on many different projects right now. We're actually launching [footwear] for babies and kids very soon. We're actually also working on a collaboration for sunglasses — I can't say with who and when yet, but that will be coming out next summer. I'm very excited. I love working with women and collaborations. We've also been thinking about doing a collaboration with an artist and I think that's also quite interesting, but it's also nice as a male designer to have a women's point of view. I mean most of the people in my office are women, but it's very nice to have somebody come in and really give their feedback on a collection with you, like with Poppy and Olivia [Palermo]. It's definitely something that I want to do again.