Arenas' postproduction and screening facilities


When Santiago Pozo moved Arenas Entertainment's operations to 3375 Barham Blvd. in Los Angeles last fall, he not only gave his creative brain trust stylish new offices, he also added a full complement of state-of-the-art postproduction and screening facilities.

"My philosophy is to offer a one-stop shop," Pozo says. "We have here all the services that you need to effectively market and distribute a film, all synchronistically working and feeding each other."

Formerly home to Dolby Laboratories' Hollywood film division, the building was gutted and rebuilt to Pozo's specifications, with decorative nods to Arenas' cultural background and professional history.

The 30-seat digital screening room, designed and installed by Technicolor, features a 2K NEC Starus NC800C projector, a 15-foot-by-6.5-foot screen and a Dolby Digital Cinema system with 5.1 surround sound. "It's good for Academy Awards screenings and things like that," Pozo says. "The other day, it was rented by Miramax."

On the postproduction side, it has two finishing bays with full color correction monitoring and audio mixing (one with 5.1 surround), capable of handling up to 2K resolution, plus three off-line edit bays fully equipped with Final Cut Studio. A computer server allows media sharing between the finishing bays and the off-line edit bays. For larger editing projects, additional edit bays can be added to the server as needed.

There's also an isolated voice-over booth, complete with video monitoring, and a larger recording room that can handle multiple voice-over artists, making it perfect for ADR and dubbing.

"It gives people the flexibility to be more creative and hands-on with the projects we're working on," vp creative and production Daniel Martinez says of the facilities. "Because it's in-house, it's easier for us to try different approaches when we're working on creative stuff."