Argentina ticket sales up 27%

'Toy Story 3,' 'Shrek' helped nab best numbers since 2004

BUENOS AIRES -- A year after the H1N1 flu pandemic had the Argentine boxoffice in intensive care, July numbers showed a healthy rebound and record returns.

The winter break that ends in July, traditionally the busiest time for filmgoing when Hollywood blockbusters land and take over most theaters for young audiences out of school, saw ticket sales nationwide soar to seven million, according to figures rendered by private consultant Ultracine.

The seven million in ticket sales, thanks in large part to Pixar/Disney's "Toy Story 3" (more than three million tickets) and Dreamwork's "Shrek Forever After" (2.5 million), more than doubles the total from the same period of 2009.

According to an estimate by cinesargentinos website, so far boxoffice totals (25.7 million) are up by 27% in comparison to 2009, when the film exhibition industry avoided disaster with the help of Juan Jose Campanella's Academy Award winner "The Secret in Their Eyes." "Eyes" sold 2.5 million tickets, a record for a local production.