Argentina's Oscar Submission 'The Clan' Gets U.S. Release Date

The Clan Still 1 - H 2015
Courtesy of K & S Films

The film tells the true story of a family pulled into the world of illicit crime by the family's patriarch.

Argentina's foreign language Oscar submission, The Clan, will be released theatrically in the U.S. on Jan. 29, with a limited run in New York and Los Angeles.

The movie tells the true story of a family that is dragged into the world of kidnapping, ransom and murder by the family's patriarch. The film stars Guillermo Francella and Peter Lanzani.

Pablo Trapero directed the project, which is being distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film's producers include Hugo Sigman, Matias Mosteirin, Agustin Almodovar, Pedro Almodovar and Esther Garcia — the team behind the Oscar-nominated film Wild Tales.

Trapero won the Silver Lion Best Director award at the Venice Film Festival. The movie also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, and will run at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles this November.

The Clan is currently breaking box office records in its native Argentina.