Argentinean 'Tetro' dispute over

Union says issue with Coppola's production co. resolved

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- The Argentine Actors Assn. said Wednesday that its contract dispute with Francis Ford Coppola's production company, Zoetrope Argentina, is over, and that its members will continue working on the Oscar-winning director's film "Tetro," currently filming in Buenos Aires.

The union claimed to have halted production last Thursday because Argentine actors on the film were working with incomplete or unsigned contracts -- a claim that was denied outright by Zoetrope Argentina.

"The issue is resolved. The lawyers for the producers presented the necessary documentation and recognized the errors that they had made. So now they are able to continue with production," Norberto Gonzalo, general secretary of the actors union, said.

Kathleen Talbert, Coppola's U.S.-based spokeswoman, denied that there were ever any problems with the production.

"'Tetro' was never shut down. They have shot every day scheduled," she said. "All contracts with all Argentine actors are signed. All actors have been paid according to their contracts since the start of the shoot."

The $15 million-budgeted film tells the tale of an artistic family in Argentina and has a cast mainly composed of American, Spanish and Argentine actors.

Oscar-nominated Austrian actor Klaus Maria Brandauer ("Out of Africa") will play the role of Carlo Tetrocini, the father of the film's title character, portrayed by Vincent Gallo, Zoetrope Argentina announced Wednesday.

Production of "Tetro" is expected to continue in Argentina through June, with a spring 2009 release scheduled.